About DAS India

Environmental Pollution has become a critical issue over the last few decades. The airs we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat are all threatened by global pollution. While advances have been made and new disciplines have emerged to identify. Monitor, regulate and compensate for environmental pollutants, it will take the combined efforts of numerous specialists, as well as the participation of an informed public to solve the many problems. One source provides an ideal introduction to the issues affecting the well-being of our planet.

M/S. DAS India

The company is a consultancy organization rendering a wide range of environmental related services. DAS India is an Environment Sector (Concept to Commissioning and Operation Services) firm. We provide services for environment consultancy and laboratory analysis for various sector industries. The firm was set up in the year 2017 and consists of unique combination of talented local and foreign professionals creating a forum for innovation, excellence and service delivery while embracing the cross-fertilization of ideas, cultures and skills.

It is a premier consultancy firm composed of entirely professionals. We provide complete design solutions for industries, hotels, residential complex, hospitals etc.

We differentiate ourselves in the industrial market by providing outstanding professional service, quality and innovation along with project management services meeting deadline.

We are in the field of Industrial Safety Environment. We are providing all required services under one roof for safety and environment. We have Group of Experts in every field and we are committed to timely and best services.


Vision: To be an internationally recognized and easily accessible consultancy firm in the area of environment.

Mission: Provide consultancy services and laboratory testing services for environmental projects. These services shall be wide spread covering various categories of organizations (industry, institutions, social aspects etc). The main drivers of such services would be improvement in Health and Lifestyle of human being (Citizens of World)